customize gradient color in quasar

  • hello everyone,
    I’m trying to customize gradient color in quasar but it never works in the code below

    import { colors } from ‘quasar’;
    const { setBrand,blend } = colors;
    setBrand(“myBrand”,blend(’#3E006F 20.75%’,’#001E47 202.2%’));
    // colors.setBrand(“myBrand”,‘linear-gradient(177.74deg, #3E006F 20.75%, #001E47 202.2%), #001E47;’);

    does anyone knows how can I get a result from blend as the linear-gradient?

  • One thing you can do is set a class on the component you want to customize the gradient color and then create a style css. For example, I wanted to change my q-header color, so I did this on the style css:

    .q-header {
    background-image: linear-gradient(to left, #036cab, #013250);

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