Swiping in a QTabPanel within a QTabPanel

  • I’d like to enable left/right swiping in a tab panel that is inside a tab of a tab panel which also also left/right swiping enabled. The intended behavior is swiping right until the tab that contains the tabpanel and then swiping until the last tab of this tab-panel and swiping the outer tabpanel afterwards. (Maybe I’ll add e.g. up/down swiping later.)

    I tried adding swipeable to both but this only works for the outer tab-panel.

    I tried workarounds using v-touch-swipe.mouse.left.right="handleSwipe" for the inner tab-panel and for both tab-panels:

    When only added to the inner tab-panel I’d need a way to disable swiping for the outer tab-panel until one has swiped to the last tab of the inner tab panel.

    When adding this to both tab-panels instead of swipeable I couldn’t find a way to pass the source element of the swipe. Is this contained in the default parameters of the event handler somewhere? I tried e.g. handleSwipe('sourceTabPanel', ...arguments) and handleSwipe($event).

    If there’s a way to get a workaround to work it probably has some problems including that I couldn’t manually switch to the next tab with .next() on the panel in the method. Is there a way to get this working without having to implement a workaround?

  • Another thing that would be useful: is there a way to make a (here the 2nd) QTabPanel look more like QPagination (the “With input” example) instead of like tabs? Basically instead of numbers I’d like to have page-titles there. This is because for the 2nd tabpanel I’d prefer to not have a large tabpanel but only small arrows and a dimmed link to the next and previous page.

  • This post is deleted!

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