Qtable doesn't have slot for tfoot, yet VirtualScrool does.

  • Hello,
    I have been using Quasar for a long time and I almost always find a solution in the framework to meet my needs. That’s great.

    I see that there are a lot of questions about a total row at the bottom of the table, in the “q-table” component.

    In general your answers suggest using the “bottom-row” slot, which works with a few lines. As this is the last “tr” row in the “tbody” of the table, you cannot fix the display below the table, which is problematic when there are many rows and pagination.

    Sometimes you suggest to use the “bottom” slot, but in this case it is very difficult to have a correct alignment of the columns. The display is done in a new independent “div”.

    The solution would be to have a slot which generates a real “tfoot” tag in the table. Exactly the same as the “thead” tag, which will allow the sticky position to be used.

    What surprises me is that you have already set up this solution for Virtual Scroll, the “before / after” slots generate “thead / tfoot” tags, the documentation gives a very good example of setting up the css to use the sticky position.

    Is it possible to have a slot generating a “tfoot” tag in the QTable as is the case in VirtualScroll.

    Best regards

  • I think its best you open up a feature request on github

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