New to Quasar & Typescript, would like to write unit tests

  • I am an experienced developer, but coming from C++ / Python worlds. I am proud to have developed a small Quasar-based game, and I successfully turned it into a Typescript project, but I had to use quasar create again, toggling TS usage, and compared the resulting files, modifying my existing project in many ways I hardly understood. In particular, I think I was confused by eslint setups, which differed between VS Code and what quasar dev output through webpack. Anyhow, I am very new to the whole toolchain, and I am not capable of setting up stuff by myself.

    Now, I have a small “Axis” helper class in src/services/axis.ts, and I would like to write unit tests for it. Can someone tell me how to do so? I don’t know where to start:

    • Which unit test package should I use? (Are there many?)
    • Where should I place my tests?
    • How should I run them?
    • Should I test through quasar or not? (For now, I am not testing quasar components, but a simple helper class. Still, I would like to know about best quasar practices.)

    Any pointers to documentation, relevant software projects, tutorials, or simple example repositories would be very welcome.

  • I found this blogpost:

    Given that, I did npm -D jest ts-jest, but the post just gives the following “sample test”:

    describe('calculate', function() {
      it('add', function() {
        let result = Calculator.Sum(5, 2);

    but I have no clue where to put this? Further up in the post, it seems to suggest that I put tests into a tests subdirectory. Should that be in src/tests/axis.ts for me? Or src/tests/test_axis.ts? What is describe()? and it()? expect() is certainly jest syntax, so I would try googling that, but I am afraid that I lack general knowledge about how to import tested code, whether tests need to be exported, how to structure such code in files, etc.

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