QDate example in docs does not flag certain invalid dates as invalid

  • ON the online Quasar Doc site, left side drawer, under Vue Components => Form Components => Date Picker => With QInput. The example input is 2019/02/01 which validates to true. The docs says the default modal format is YYYY/MM/DD.

    Try entering 2019/02/32 validates true. Incorrect February has at most 29 days
    try entering 2019/02/40 validates false. Correct.
    Try entering 2019/13/01 validates true. Incorrect. Only 12 months in a year
    Try entering 2019/21/01 validates false. Correct

    The Template shows :rules="[‘date’]". Is there a better built-in, internal rules validation that will do a better job of validating dates?


  • @rhscjohn you can actually use your own function to validate whatever you want, I use my own for dates.

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