Missing docs for hide-pagination (Qtable component)

  • I raised an issue on GitHub (https://github.com/quasarframework/quasar/issues/7498) regarding the lack of documentation for :hide-pagination for the Qtable component.

    It was forcefully closed without any information on where that documentation is (I am leaving aside the childish exchange afterwards)

    I am opening an entry here, not sure if it will help but the doc for that feature is really missing as far as I can tell:



    A Google search via site:quasar.dev "hide-pagination" did not help either.

  • What do you consider a lack of documentation?

    It’s a prop for QTable and as such, you can find it in the API section of the QTable docs: https://quasar.dev/vue-components/table#undefined

    It’s not noted anywhere else, but its purpose is also quite clear I’d say.


  • @s-molinari THANKS. I finally found it (Qtable API → props → content)

    So yes, it is documented - just the searches do not highlight it. Once you know where to look for (for this, and others) it will be easier.

  • Yes, and this is what Dan meant about Algolia (the search service the docs uses) not being able to search the API sections of the docs (as they are semi-dynamic). We know this to be a slight problem, but don’t have a solution for it quite yet.


  • I understand that the search system is not appropriate / good enough - fortunately once you know where to search it gets easier.

    Edited… stay on topic please... thank you.

  • Not to stir up the fire more. But I think it would good thing that any component with an unique ‘feature’, in this case hide-pagination would have an example in it’s component doc.

  • @dobbel P.R.s are always welcome.

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