How to apply classes for all child components?

  • I often have cases where I need to apply the same class to all the children components (for instance on a bar with span elements):

    <q-bar><span class="q-ma-sm">aaa</span><span class="q-ma-sm">bbb</span></q-bar>

    Is there a way to apply q-ma-sm to the span elements from within q-bar? (as opposed to applying it to all the child elements one by one)

  • basically, no. It’s the very design of HTML itself.
    To ease the process you can do two things. Either, put your children components in a loop, or extends the component to let him add himself all the class/css/style you want.

  • @wpq well, you can have “class” as computed property, returning object with specific css classes as keys. Even more, you can have this computed property implemented as a mixin and added to all your components. More here:

    This comes from there:

    <div v-bind:class="classObject"></div>
    data: {
      isActive: true,
      error: null
    computed: {
      classObject: function () {
        return {
          active: this.isActive && !this.error,
          'text-danger': this.error && this.error.type === 'fatal'

  • @qyloxe wonderful creative magic 😉

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