quasar-v1.12.13 released!

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    • feat(VirtualScroll): keep scroll on bottom if the scroll is on bottom #7438
    • feat(QIcon): Add support for SVG-use #7410


    • fix(QLinearProgress): sync styl with sass (was causing problems in codepens) #7456 (#7457)

    New Icon Support!

    • Fontawesome updated to 5.13.1
    • Ionicons updated to 5.1.2
    • Material icons webfont updated to v53
    • Material icons webfonts Outlined and Round updated to v22
    • Material icons webfont Sharp updated to v23
    • Material SVG icons (baseline) updated to latest icons v11 (previous count 959, new count 1293)
    • feat: new Material SVG icons for Outlined, Round and Sharp v11. Requires @quasar/extras v1.9+ and quasar 1.12.13+
      • usage: (baseline) matThumbUp, (outlined) outlinedThumbUp, (round) roundThumbUp, (sharp) sharpThumbUp
    • feat: new Quasar icon sets svg-material-icons-outlined, svg-material-icons-round and svg-material-icons-sharp. Requires quasar 1.12.13+

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