Vue 3 migration (will the Quasar plugin work in Vue 3 or will it need to be upgraded?)

  • With Vue 3 release around the corner now, what is the Vue 3 migration status for Quasar?

    Vue CLI will offer a code migration tool. I am considering using Vue CLI to facilitate the migration process. However the current doc states: “Cross-platform support with Vue CLI is handled by community plugins. These are not tightly integrated with Quasar as with Quasar CLI and may have issues.”. What are these issues? Any steps you recommend to avoid such pitfalls?

  • Found this statement in one of the discussions. Since I do write a PWA, Vue-CLI is no issue in my case. Will try this approach to facilitate the VUE 3 migration;

    Disadvantages, due to current vue-cli 3 architecture:
    no ability to “write code once then deploy as a SPA/PWA/Mobile & Electron app”; you will usually pick what you want to build (SPA or PWA – only) right from the start when creating the app with Vue CLI; even if vue-cli will support these
    only SPA and PWA supported; can’t build Mobile or Electron apps as vue cli doesn’t support it; the smart algorithms behind Quasar CLI use more than one webpack config, which is not possible with Vue CLI
    none of the features embedded in quasar.conf.js; for many, you’ll have to manually edit your src/main.js file
    building/developing with one theme and switching to the other requires editing the vue config (in package.json or vue.config.js, depending on what you picked when creating the vue app)
    you lose the ability to effortlessly upgrade your the Quasar version that you are using as with Quasar CLI; it will possibly require you to manually edit src/main.js to update to latest specs

  • Remains to be seen if the Quasar plugin is compatible with V3. So far I have not gotten any response on these posts

  • What strategy is recommended to migrate from vue cli with quasar plugin to quasar cli? And is there a guide somewhere?

  • @manubi I would say, via making a new quasar CLI project and port your code, follow the docs everything about quasar CLI, boot filea, quasar.conf.js file which is similar to your vue.conf.js and etc… About quasar v2 using Vue 3, it’s still in the works.

  • Thanks @metalsadman I tried quasar with the CLI yesterday. That’s not the road I wonna go down. Can I still use quasar as a plugin with vue3 and the vue cli? Thanks for the help!

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