q-splitter hide scrollbar y

  • Is there a way to hide y scrollbar of a vertical splitter? In this scenario, the content of each splitter area is a q-table,
    please see attached sample screenshot, the outside scrollbar should be hidden. thanks!


  • hi i am trying to achieve the same and i figured that one way is to hide the overflow. So in my split i only want to hide the q-splitter after.
    In sass: it could be configured to:
    overflow: hidden;
    However, i do not know how to put this in my script (not versed in style/css editing).
    Have you got a solution?

  • ok thats what i did eventually:
    <style lang=“sass”>
    overflow: auto
    overflow: hidden

  • I had same problem. Fist, check what causes this then solve the problem with overflow. To disable the splitter’s vertical scroll is one “solution”, but more importantly, you should check which element causes overflow and then fix the styling problem there.

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