Quasar 1.12.9 released!

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    Features and fixes to be enjoyed!



    • feat(QInput): keep borders on top of autofill bg #7341
    • feat(EscapeKey): Only accept ESC key if it was pressed while the app had focus #7335
    • feat(QDrawer): hide backdrop when drawer is not visible #7317
    • feat(QField): add label slot #7358
    • feat(QTabs): add outside arrow positioning and force arrows on mobile #7104, #4019


    • fix(ts): Quasar.lang has any type #7322
    • fix(QTabs): Make tab indicator CSS transition ignore RTL #7312
    • fix(QLinearProgress): prevent all content to be mirrored when reversed #7261
    • fix(QSelect): exit showPopup if it’s not editable #7323
    • fix(QStepper): check for not present message slot when stepper is vertical to avoid errors
    • fix(QDrawer): only use drawer close directive on backdrop when it’s open #7317
    • fix(QFile, QUploader): accept any file if there is ‘’ or '/*’ in the accept prop #7166
    • fix(QBtn): improve stretch #7381
    • fix(QSelect): Keyboard navigation enhancements #7382
    • fix(QSelect): Allow searching for not letter chars and correctly escape regex

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