Hide seamless dialog if I switch tab panel

  • Hi

    This is my situation, I have a seamless dialog in a component that is a child of a Tab Panel, please find below a raw code explaining the organization.

                            component: customComponent,
                             parent: this

    When I set parent with “this” what I’m expecting if I switch tab I should not see the seamless dialog because childComponent is under a certain tab, is it possible to make it work? or I need to use a different component instead of the Dialog.


  • What are you doing with the dialog?


  • To contain a form that is used to configure data from the child component, for instance, if you click in a “box” the dialog should show but you can still interact with the child component. The dialog keeps on top of everything even if you switch tabs, unless I’ve misunderstood the parent property

  • Um, but dialogs are supposed to “float” over everything. The parent property is there, so you can get a context to work with i.e. so you can use things like Vuex. It doesn’t mean, however, it will “perform” along with the parent component creating the dialog. It isn’t a “child” component per se.

    Can you explain your use case better?


  • @mespino better make a barebone codepen. You can programmatically close it.

  • @metalsadman

    Yeah, that’s an option I was considering, you know… lazy developers…

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