Razvan is taking some time off

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    Hello Quasar Community,

    Razvan has been feeling under the weather this past week and the illness wasn’t getting better, so he went to the doctor. In short, his doctor has given him strict instructions not to do any work related activities. It’s not covid related, so don’t worry.

    With this in mind, he won’t be around on discord or online much at all for that matter. There shouldn’t be many reasons to ping Razvan directly, because the Quasar Team and regular community members do an awesome job of helping out others. Nonetheless, if you do have a pressing matter that might need Razvan’s attention (invoicing, billing etc), then please ping me directly and we’ll go from there.

    What will be impacted?

    Unfortunately, this does mean that Razvan is going to miss our awesome Quasar.Conf scheduled for Sunday. But, don’t worry! We’ll schedule him in for next time! And Quasar.Conf is still going to happen.

    As it stands, we’ll only be issuing urgent fixes as updates so our regular update cycle will be held back for now. This will be up to the discretion of the Quasar Core Team but PR’s and bug fixes will continue to be worked on until our normal update cycle resumes.

    If you sign up as a GitHub sponsor, please DM me, so your role can be adjusted on Discord.

    With Razvan taking time off, we’re obviously a man down. If you would like to take this opportunity to help, then feel free to head over to GitHub and answer any issues you feel comfortable answering. This would be a massive help.

    I’m sure you’d all like to join me in wishing Razvan all the best and a speedy recovery!

  • That’s some pretty serious bad news. Hope it will not be a long term situation for Razvan , but it might be with the doctor’s strict instructions to stop working.

    Looking at the github statistics it’s pretty much a one man show on Quasar commits. One of the risks we all know of using and depending on Quasar.

    All the best to Razvan’s recovery !

  • Due to work stress, I went though the same thing in March, where my doctor said, “Walk away from stress, or you’ll pay big price for it”. I did and within 2 weeks I was a new man.
    Stress causes many other illnesses due to immune system, weakening.
    I hope it’s just stress and he will be good.

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    We’ve actually been working a lot behind the scenes to start spreading the load so thankfully Razvan taking time off won’t have too much of an impact. We can do updates if we feel the need too so we’re not worried. That being said, we have things to address - that’s for sure.

    Quasar is at the difficult transitional point of only have one full timer (Razvan) and as much as we’d like to be able to take more help on, we need the support to be able to do that because at the end of the day we all have bills to pay.

    Rest assured, Quasar isn’t going anywhere and the talent we have on the volunteer is amazing.

    Thanks for showing your support for Razvan guys, he’ll appreciate it.

  • @Allan-EN-GB said in Razvan is taking some time off:

    we need the support to be able to do that because at the end of the day we all have bills to pay.

    Personally, I’ve never agreed or liked Open source, Free software and etc.

    Giving away free product, it’s like trying to drive a long distance on one tank of gas. It will eventually runs out and the car stops on the side of the road, begging for someone to donate some gas. But then what? After a few miles, it will run out again.

    All successful companies have a predictable price for their products, services and it gives customers confidence that the company is making money and they’ll be around.

    A while back, I wrote a long email to Razvan, regarding selling the product as opposed to free product and asking donation. Donation creates a bad image on the client sides, especially mid to large size companies. Razvan never replied.

    The second problem with giving free product, service, help or anything, 99% of people become takers and demand more and more as if you owe it to them, they have no respect for you. Bt if you stand firm from the beginning with fair price and value, then you gain their respect and will pay you.

    It’s not too late (but not easy) to switch gear and offer Quasar as “Paid” (not donation) product. The cheap guys will runaway, and you get real customers and companies.

    Most companies do NOT use FREE Opens Source product, due to fear of getting screwed if the owner walks away.

  • Man, that sounds serious 😞 Thank you for telling us.
    I hope he takes as much time as he needs so that he gets well soon!

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    Thanks @Ben-Hayat

    I think there is a balance that can be struck which can support both cases to a certain extent. Think Magento. I don’t want to turn this thread into a discussion on how to make Quasar profitable, however I do appreciate your feedback and rest assured, we have plans to get Quasar to where it needs to be to grow 🙂

  • Any idea how long this time off going to be and how it will affect the “Quasar for Vue 3” timeframe?

  • Get well soon Razvan

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    At present no - we’ve given him strict instructions to get better and then come back. We have measures in place as a team to handle things so Razvan being around isn’t too much of an issue - it just takes us a little longer to fix things as he’s more familiar with the in’s and out’s 🙂

    As far as Vue3 goes, I don’t see this having an impact at present but we will continue to update everyone as and when things change.

  • @Allan-EN-GB
    Thanks Allan;

  • Get well soon Razvan!

  • good recovery to you Razvan!

  • Wish Razvan health and recover soon. And also best wishes and thanks to the Quasar team for great effort. Everyone please take good care of yourself at this special period.

  • You mention Razvan is full time on this project alone? Does he have another job or is full time really on this project? I am looking at donating but if Razvan being sick holds back the project to just urgent updates this worries me as far as this project getting abandoned if Razvan stops development. I understand this is a risk you take with open source but if we make an assumption that Razvan will not be working on this project what are the teams plan? Will someone from the team takeover as full time developer as we continue to donate to the project? Thanks.

  • It’s sort of a chicken and egg dilemma, isn’t it? And to overcome that dilemma, there needs to be a bit of a leap of faith on your part. No matter what, devoting resources (money or time) in anything always holds some sort of risk. We definitely don’t want that your resources go to waste. So, you can trust us, the Quasar team, to do our best to make your leap of faith have the best results. 🙂


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    Scott’s point is great and summarises the teams feelings; for some more detail:

    Razvan is full time on this project alone? Does he have another job or is full time really on this project?

    Razvan’s main job is Quasar, the donations received for this project directly support the running and maintenance of Quasar (servers, domains, etc etc). Razvan will also do some contract work to top things up as and when but I’ll restate the point Quasar is Razvan’s main job.

    if Razvan being sick holds back the project to just urgent updates

    Holding back updates is our “short term” plan. Obviously with anyone taking time off, it’s never planned so we have to be reactive to the situation. The current plan is to see how Razvan is over the next week and take it from there.

    Holding back updates is not a long term plan and the Quasar Team have all they need to support Quasar and provide updates with new features going forward should the need arise to do so without Razvan being around.

    project getting abandoned if Razvan stops development

    I and many of the core team rely on Quasar for our day to day work so this will not happen. As I’ve said, despite Razvan being the main contributor on GH, the team puts in a lot of work behind the scenes to support and grow Quasar.

    I understand this is a risk you take with open source but if we make an assumption that

    Razvan will not be working on this project what are the teams plan? Will someone from the team takeover as full time developer as we continue to donate to the project?
    At this point in time, this is not something we’re thinking too much about. Do we have people who want to work full time for Quasar? Yes. We do. That being said, we expect Razvan to be back and working as normal once he’s rested.

    It’s worth stating at this point though that we do have a disaster plan in place for Quasar to take the “bus factor” into account should the worst happen to any one of us (of course with Razvan being most crucial).

    It’s important to note, the only reason we’re all here discussing this is because of how hard Razvan works. If Razvan regularly took time off (as he should) then taking a couple of weeks off wouldn’t be noticed. It’s only because he works tirelessly for Quasar and it’s community that it’s noticed.

    In short - donate. Support Quasar. It hasn’t let anyone down yet and it won’t in the future.

    Thanks for all your well wishes for Razvan 🙂

  • @s-molinari

    Sharing some thoughts, in case it has any value.

    In 2013 I started a contract job in some company. I became friend with one of the contractors whose specialty was writing financial software. He was working on a project of his own which would offer a complete turnkey system to those companies lending money or financing and etc. For example car dealers who finance cars or Mortgage companies and etc. It’s a fairly complex and big process.

    In 2017, he launched the product and began to go after prospects who could use his product. Very soon he hit a wall, not because of his pricing or features or being legacy, but being a very small company to assure the clients are safely covered by a team of paid employees.
    He was advised to raise money and get investors to have such backup. Because he had a great product and great market to go after, he got invested and took care of the problem.
    As of end of 2019, his net profit was $1.5M (after all expenses paid).

    In 2002, a great software was developed by an Australian company, The owner refused to get investment. 18 years later, he only has less then 200 customers, running as a one-man-show.

    No doubt Quasar is a great product, buy companies don’t go with faith, but with black & white facts to use a product. Many companies prohibit employees to use any Open Source or Free software.

    My suggestion is, change your business model and make Quasar as a “Bet your business on Quasar” product.
    My two cents.

  • @Ben-Hayat - I sort of understand what you are saying and my comments are obviously with the current situation in mind. We also know “the business model” needs to change to be more commercialized and thus, have better potential to raise revenues. If and when we get to that point, then it is no longer “leaps of faith” needed, but rather, we can offer value adding products and services (with and above and beyond Quasar) to generate revenue.


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    Just as a update to calm people’s nerves: Razvan is still feeling unwell but is recovering 110% (his words).

    All your well wishes are clearly working! Keep it up 😉

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