Errors updating to V2

  • I’ve tried following the steps in the 5 minute guide twice now with the same results. I get an error when trying to run quasar dev on my site. Problem is the error doesn’t provide enough information to help me figure out what to try next.

    $ quasar dev
     Dev mode.......... spa
     Pkg quasar........ v1.12.8
     Pkg @quasar/app... v2.0.1
     Debugging......... enabled
     Configured browser support (at least 84.55% of global marketshare):
     · Chrome for Android >= 81
     · Firefox for Android >= 68
     · Android >= 81
     · Chrome >= 73
     · Edge >= 79
     · Firefox >= 67
     · iOS >= 10.0-10.2
     · Opera >= 64
     · Safari >= 10.1
     App · Running "@quasar/qmarkdown" Quasar App Extension...
     App · Reading quasar.conf.js
     App · Checking listening address availability (
     App · Extension(@quasar/qmarkdown): Extending quasar.conf...
     App · Transpiling JS (Babel active)
     App · Extension(@quasar/qmarkdown): Chaining SPA Webpack config
     App · Extending SPA Webpack config
     App · Generating Webpack entry point
     App · Booting up...
     • Compiling:
     └── SPA ████████████████████ 100% done in 30570 ms
     ERROR  Failed to compile with 2 errors                                                                    2:30:16 PM
    Template execution failed: TypeError: Cannot read property 'mode' of undefined

    Anyone hints on what to try next? Thanks in advance

  • I have failed on two completely different quasar projects. Feeling a bit clueless. Might be best to just start from scratch and rebuild the projects based on brand new V2 projects

  • I had exactly the same problem this morning.
    Did you already try to upgrade your app following the upgrade guide?
    After I made the changes described in the guide I was able to start my Quasar app again.

    Good luck!

  • Check your index.template.html.





  • @FrankM this worked for me

  • @FrankM I’m pretty sure that was the problem. I ran through the steps again and I think I must have missed a few items to replace the index.template.html.


  • @stevebaer I think that the required index.template.html changes are not (yet) documented in the upgrade guide. I ran into the problem too. Since the error message gave no clue where the problem occurred I simply searched all my source files for a “.mode” property and luckily found it in the (now obsolete) htmlWebpackPlugin.options in index.html (amon a few others I knew they were my own code)

  • @FrankM it’s documented.

  • @metalsadman Sorry, I must have missed that 😉

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