Infinite scroll doesn't load elements

  • Hi, I’m having a problem with infinite scroll - I use it in view where happens that c.a. 400 elements are showed, but it also happens that only 5-10 elements are in the view. As the component is working properly for many elements, it’s having problems with small amounts. It doesn’t load anything and show only spinner-dots. How to deal with this?

  • This seems like you forgot to call the done method, once your data has been fetched. Please confirm that it is called correctly. In the Vue debug tools you can inspect the Infinite Scroll component and check if its state is still loading.

  • The ‘done’ method is meant to be called by my function, and it seems as it has been called, but the compotent’s state is still loading.

  • For simple debugging, just console.log something right before the done method should be called, to make sure it is indeed called.

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