Call a function when the Loading Bar is displayed / hidden

  • Hello, everyone,

    I’ve discovered Quasar for myself and I’m excited. Now I’m hoping you can help me solve a problem.

    I start an Axios call with a button click. The Loading Bar appears properly. But I’d like to disable the Send button until the Axios call is complete.

    Since I’m using a Mixin, I can’t write the Disable function directly into the Axios call. My idea is to respond to the appearance of the Loading Bar. Or do you have a better idea?

    Best regards

        label="Load list"

    Idea: The variable “submitting” should be set to true as long as the loading bar is displayed.

    The Docs say, there is already an event triggered:

    Unfortunately, I don’t know how to react to it or intercept it or anything like that.

  • I figured it out myself 🙂

    The Ajax-Bar had to be integrated and the event had to be written in it.