App and web compoenent (or widget ?)

  • Hello, i’ ve an functionnal app, but but i would display on some sites like a widget or component (it’s a php site) router-view(with principals view) on some paths but a menu (html)with some app’s component, is it possible ? and howto do?

    I’ve do that with vuejs alone) but i don’t know howto do with quasar

    Thank you

  • Yes i see that, but my app is already build, i can load JS and load with vuejs my components? I test this :

    change index.template with :

    <body ><div id="q-app"></div><widget></widget></div>
        <!-- DO NOT touch the following DIV -->
            Example kicking off the UI. Obviously, adapt this to your specific needs.
            Assumes you have a <div id="q-app"></div> in your <body> above
          import WidgetPanier from 'components/All/Widget'
          new Vue({
            el: '#q-app',
            data: function () {
              return {}
            components: {},

    but My App is loaded… and my widget no…

  • I never did a umd project myself. So I can’t do more than point you to docs and examples

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