quasar app 2 upgrade

  • Hi

    I want to join to the greetings and thank yous regarding the hard work, this is not taken for granted. The upgrade process itself went smooth, except for 2 issues:

    1. quasar upgrade didn’t upgrade quasar/app, only quasar itself. I needed to manually update quasar/app.

    2. Everything worked after the process but then I deleted node_modules folder and ran npm install. After that, quasar dev ran ok, the console tab is empty but in the network tab I see several 101 and 304 status codes (instead of 200) and neither the main layout (app.vue) nor the first page (login) were shown.

    Has anyone encounter this? If you’re going to delete node_modules, don’t forget to backup your folder.

  • Hi

    I saw a new minor release for quasar/app, is it related to this issue?
    Has anyone else tried to delete and npm install the project after updating to quasar/app 2?

  • Hi.

    Not sure if the fixed issues have to do with yours. But, did you follow the upgrade guide?



  • Ofcourse I did and it works great… Only when I delete node_modules and npm install, the problem occurs.
    Maybe I did something wrong but I have no idea what because I don’t get a clear error except for those codes in the network tab.

  • try using yarn for local deps, since npm doesn’t work well with it. npm for global, yarn for local.

  • You mean to delete node_modules folder and then run yarn install?

  • Yeah. We highly recommend using Yarn for local dependencies.


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