Views on Vue 3

  • What is your view on Vue 3?

    Are you afraid of the breaking changes?

    Are you excited?

    Are you indifferent?

    Do you think there’s anything we should watch out for?

    Do you think we will finally beat React?

  • I think that should be in “Ask Razvan” post.

  • Vue3 is definitely a step up.

    I’m not afraid of breaking changes, as there aren’t many.

    I like the better TypeScript support and the fact they didn’t go the class direction. I wasn’t a fan of TypeScript for the longest time, but I do see its merits and for any project of decent size, it can be valuable. I don’t feel class or OOP programming as an advantage within the Vue realm of responsibility. You have inheritance built into HTML/ the DOM, another form of inheritance isn’t necessary or good for reasoning about view logic.

    If you do anything complex, you should look out for the new composition API and understand why it was made and what it should be used for.

    Vue already beats React. Code written in Vue is simply much easier to reason about, because Vue forces developers to stay within certain constraints to get things done. React and JSX doesn’t. It also makes reasoning about the reactiveness less complicated too. Some might consider that magic. I consider it a smart API. Because of all of this, Vue has a much lower bar to entry. That means it opens up its market from the bottom up.

    Also, at the same time, Vue 3 with its better TypeScript support will now be even more interesting for corporations and from that aspect, yeah. Vue 3 will be beating React on the corporate scene too.

    My 2 cents.


  • biggest issue for me with Vue 3 is the new composition API.

    The appeal of Vue is it simplicity ,highly structured way to code and easy learning curve.

    Instead of a uniform way to code components in Vue( not taking into account the ‘render’ way). There will be 2 main ways to code components. It will create confusion and unnecessary difficulty for (new) Vue developers. Apart from that I highly suspect that the current way will be deprecated at some point in favor of this new composition API.

    People like Vue because its’ not React. Don’t try to make it like react. Just my thoughs

  • @dobbel
    With power comes complexity and responsibility;

    Vue is going after Angular & React. Just like the with the new Corvette C8, GM decided to go after Porsche, Lambo & Ferrari. So, they had to make major changes to get into that level of competition.

  • It will create confusion and unnecessary difficulty for (new) Vue developers.

    I highly disagree. There will be the simpler options API and the more advanced composition API. The more advanced composition API will also help the “render” method you mention, which isn’t much different than the options API, just without a template section (instead the html dom needs to be declared in render functions).

    Don’t misjudge the composition API. It is a necessary step in Vue’s evolution.


  • @Ben-Hayat That’s for asking Razvan. I’m asking everyone 🙂

  • @walfin
    I understand. Personally, I’ll give Vue 3 at least 6 months after release BEFORE considering moving over. I want to make sure all my third party tools are in Vue 3 and working right.

  • I think that here there is an opportunity, the community has been waiting impatiently for the new version of vue and I’m almost sure that, like me, more than one is postponing the start of some project to do it with vue 3. People in this situation, or some of them/as, will begin with the framework that’s available, just a thought, cheers

  • I didn’t even realise that Vue 3 Core is already out!

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