Inject html into q-carousel-slide

  • Hi there.

    I would like to use q-carousel slides as background for data collection (as in: data collection during a powerpoint presentation).

    This works just fine:

    <q-carousel-slide name="second" img-src="">
      <template slot="default">
          <p class="text-h5 q-px-md q-pt-none text-h5 bg-white">This content comes from the parent!</p>
          <p class="text-h5 q-px-md q-pt-none text-h5 bg-white">I can bind to data in the parent scope: {{slide}}</p>
          <p class="text-h5 q-px-md q-pt-none text-h5 bg-white">And can use quasar components</p>
          <q-input class="q-px-md q-pt-none text-h5 bg-white" bottom-slots v-model="currentObject.Name" label="Nome" style="max-width: 300px;"/>

    Gives this:


    I would now like to provide the html dynamically, a different html for each slide, from an external source, but have not found a way to do this. Looking for ideas…

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