framework -> components removed for quasar/app 2

  • Hi

    I changed all: “auto” to importStrategy: “auto” as described in the upgrade guide. While all the components are loaded automatically and are show, one specific component is shown from within a template

    progressTemplate: function() {
       return {
          template: Vue.component("bindChip", {
             template: `<q-chip dense size="md" outline :label="prLabel" :style="prColor"/>`,
                data() {
                   return {};

    Because of that, quasar didn’t load this component automatically and I needed to manually put it in framework -> components. When I did, everything worked.

    framework: {
       iconSet: "material-icons", // Quasar icon set
       lang: "en-us", // Quasar language pack
       components: ["QChip"],

    q2 upgrade guide says to remove the components section so I did. Now obviously the component does not show. Adding the components back, didn’t make any difference. What can I do in this scenario to bring the chip back?


  • @amoss import it, ie.

    import { QChip } from 'quasar'
      components: {

  • Yeah… silly me. Thanks.

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