@quasar/app v2.0.0 released! Major improvements

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    Important! Upgrading to “@quasar/app” v2 requires following a 5 minute guide.

    What’s new in v2

    • Browser compatibility is now clearer expressed.
    • The JS transpilation (with the help of Babel) has been rethought from the ground up (now using core-js v3). It will now transpile based on the Browser compatibility that you configure. It will no longer go transpiling directly to ES5.
    • The “modern build” is no longer necessary due to the above. However, if you want to disable transpiling (it’s perfectly equivalent), now you can: quasar.conf.js > build > transpile: false.
    • Support for a /public folder which replaces /src/statics. The new folder will allow you to supply static content at the root/app base level, rather than as statics/*. One useful example: robots.txt
    • SSR mode now supports a custom publicPath too
    • The configured publicPath is now applied to dev mode by default
    • Capacitor v2 and Workbox v5 support
    • Simpler quasar.conf.js > build > transpileDependencies; it now supports String (auto transforms it to `/node_modules/…’) and Regexes too
    • Simpler quasar.conf.js > build > env; you no longer need to JSON.stringify each value (you now must not!)
    • Simpler quasar.conf.js > framework config Object; “all” prop has been renamed to “importStrategy” and it allows “all” or “auto” (the default) values; “components” and “directives” are no longer taken into account because you don’t need them
    • New param for boot files and preFetch (publicPath); the “redirect()” method now fully supports a Vue Router location Object (on all build modes, on server-side or client-side); preFetch hook now also receive “urlPath” param
    • New API method for App Extension’s install script: api.renderFile() #6648
    • Upgraded to latest version of Typescript (v3.9.5 as of writing these lines; will also require “quasar” v1.12.6)


    • fix(app): Auto-import with TS runtime logic - breaks non-lazy loading routes #7194
    • fix(app): Don’t include quasar.client-manifest.json in the PWA precache manifest when on SSR+PWA
    • fix(app): Differentiate ctx for offline.html (SSR + PWA) #7120
    • fix(bex): Don’t minify rendered code #7185

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  • I’ve not had any problems following the steps. tested on dev and build modes.

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  • 304 are server side error codes if i’m not wrong. https://airbrake.io/blog/http-errors/304-not-modified. well prolly post the error logs here.

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  • I started from the beginning and now it seems to work

  • Congratulations on the release and the hard work! Thanks for this great framework.
    Updating as soon as a few extensions like qenv have caught up 🙂

  • Congratulations! excited to try it out.

    Heads up, Qcalendar has an issue with 2.0 but I talked with @Hawkeye64 and he said he is working to get a new version of Qcalendar out the door right now so it probably won’t be an issue by the time your reading this.

  • Hello folks, FYI my feedback with regard to upgrading quasar/app to v2 and following the steps as described here https://quasar.dev/quasar-cli/app-upgrade-guide.
    It went smooth and perfect, congratulations for the great work - rarely one encounters these days a framework major version migration without problems just following
    the provided steps - this is effective and efficient time saving, thanks!

  • @zodd I’m using dotenv - smooth, no issues;

  • Running quasar upgrade did not work for me so had to yarn install 2.0.0 but everything else went smoothly. I’ve noticed one issue though, importStrategy: 'auto' does not seem to import any Quasar components referenced inside a functional Vue component which means I now have to import all components as I can no longer specify a list of the ones I am using. Is this a limitation of how auto works or is it something that could be fixed?

    Great work overall though guys!

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  • @dannyalder88 import the component/directives locally.

  • I want to join to the greetings and thanks regarding the hard work, this is not taken for granted. I do want to share my experience with the upgrade. The upgrade itself, went smooth except for

    1. quasar upgrade didn’t upgrade quasar/app, only quasar itself. I needed to manually update quasar/app. @dannyalder88 mentioned that as well.
    2. Once I deleted node_modules folder and ran npm_install, everything stopped working. quasar dev ran ok, the console tab is empty but in the network tab I see several 101 and 304 status codes (instead of 200) and neither the main layout (app.vue) nor the first page (login) were shown.

    Has anyone encounter this? If you’re going to delete node_modules, don’t forget to backup your folder.

  • I can’t edit my post so here’s the image of what I see
    alt text

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