Question about drop down lists

  • Hi,
    I’m new to Quasar and have followed a few tutorials, but I haven’t seen one that covers the use of drop down lists.

    What I would like is for a drop down list containing the months of the year, so the user can see family birthdays in that month.

    The birthdays are stored in a MySQL database controlled by API’s.

    How can I setup the drop down list (an array will be fine), but use the results of this to do the search using my API’s?


  • It depends on how your data is stored in the database. Are the months in text as in “January” or is it numerical as in “1”. You will obviously have to use the text to display the month. From there you can then get the value from its model and do your api call based upon that value.

    If the it is a numerical value then you can use an object in your select and use the appropriate fields for the display and text (label) then do your api call.

    Here is a link to the second idea


  • why not use this? Highlighting the birthdays in a calendar.

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