Quasar v1.12.5 released!

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    • feat(AppFullscreen): Add “activeEl” prop; perf & fixes for Notify and Quasar Portal in regards to fullscreen mode
    • feat(Notify): make notifications work with fullscreen elements (#7193)
    • perf+fix(portal): Do not recreate vm when on Dialog plugin; fullscreen support for Dialog plugin
    • feat(QSeparator): “spaced” prop now supports predefined size (xs/sm/md/lg/xl) or a size in CSS units, including unit name #7209


    • fix(QParallax): issue when using SSR (#7196)
    • fix(QDate) startYear on Years view when innerModel year is negative (#7202)
    • fix(IE/Edge): hide clear and password reveal buttons in input fields #7213 (#7223)
    • fix(QUploaderBase): handle corner-case with canAddFiles() #7220

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