zingchart refs error

  • Hi
    I made a quasar app with quasar-cli and i want to use Zingchart in it
    so i install it and import in to my components and used it like:

    <zingchart :data="barChart" ref="barChart" />

    the problem is wen i want to call zingchart functions with $ref i got an Error:

    TypeError: this.$refs.barChart.modify is not a function

    PS: i test my code without quasar (vue-cli app) and it works fine
    can any one please help me?😰

  • @alidanial7
    Is it a copy/paste error ? You have ref="barChart" and barCart (without h) in the error message.

  • @tof06
    i write it bad here but in my code it is fine and has no typo error

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