Possible bug in current beta with q-input

  • I did a rm -rdf node-modules && npm i && quasar dev today and found an interesting error.

    As soon as a q-input is rendered, following error occurs:

    [Vue warn]: Injection "__field" not found
    found in
    ---> <QInputFrame>
               <Index> at [DEV_DIR]/beta/src/components/Hello.vue
                 <App> at [DEV_DIR]/beta/src/App.vue

    You can repdocue this by running quasar init default#beta beta-dir && cd beta-dir && npm i and adding a <q-input v-model="text" /> to src/components/Hello.vue (and of course import the component and adding it to the components object in the vue instance). Running quasar dev then yields the already shown error.

    Some questions by me:

    1. Can someone else reproduce that (yesterday everything worked fine, that’s why I am unsure about if this is an actual bug)?
    2. Am I missing something obvious (I started with quasar two weeks ago and moved to v0.14 yesterday)?
    3. If this is a bug, do I report it in the default https://github.com/quasarframework/quasar repo or is there something to consider / special when reporting beta bugs?

    Thanks for your help and nice to be part of the community 🙂

  • @niklaszantner As I wrote on Gitter, you need to rollback Vue package version to 2.3.4, because the new Vue version 2.4.1 breaks Quasar. Everything works fine if you put Vue at previous version.

    PS: you need to rollback vue-template-compiler package too (same version).

  • @n.taddei thank you very much!

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