Intregrate backend to cordova application

  • how to add nodejs backend environment for building cordova application ??

  • @Dev1603 The same way as you would with a non Cordova Quasar application (e.g. spa, pwa website). You run a nodejs backend on a server and a quasar cordova app on your phone. Your then communicate with something like REST or Grapql between your Quasar app and the nodejs backend.

  • @dobbel i am passing build paramerter for spa in quasar config but it is not working for cordova … do i need pass separate build parameter for cordova ??? please check below images 5b9816c6-11bf-4d50-a133-db8e967d8689-image.png & ae31d452-0b52-48ae-b694-09c9d07ff1b6-image.png

  • @Dev1603 said in Intregrate backend to cordova application:


    what do you mean with build paramerter ? And what does not work?

  • @dobbel please check the image . build parameter is the env i.e a9dee42f-82f2-495c-be15-31d17a43f212-image.png
    it is the api to connect to backend for spa … do i need to pas this for cordova also ??

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Dev1603 you’re double posting. I already responded on another thread. Anyways it could be that ‘http’ requests are marked as unsafe if running on cordova. Try to make your server ‘https’. You can check if the requests are blocked in de chrome inspector network (with the phone connected).

    To debug your cordova app on the phone:


    don’t forget to enable dev options on your phone:

    “Tap Build number seven times. After the first few taps, you should see the steps counting down until you unlock the developer options. Once activated, you will see a message that reads, “You are now a developer!” Go back to Settings, where you’ll now find a Developer options entry at the very bottom of the menu”

    Then enable USB debugging and accept your computer as a trusted device.

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