Project KanaX - a mix between Netflix, Spotify and YouTube.

  • Hey guys,

    I’d like to share you a first running Beta Version of my Project KanaX.

    In short it will provide Video based on YouTube.
    It have a custom Editor which allows you to search though YouTube and create Series with Seasons and their episodes.
    This is also working for Music Videos, Documentations, etc.

    My initial target was to stick YouTube Videos together that belongs to a series.
    The turk folks have so much of them hosted on YouTube but not only them.

    If you register yourself - it’s free - you gain access to the Editor and Feel free to try around.
    The Gallery and it’s Thumbnail Catcher is a nice hint for everyone.

    I will need to update the mobile UI and some other UI fixes until it becomes public.
    And also compile tricks are welcome. Even with compremission I am still struggling on the initial performance.
    But to be honest, it is still in development and that would be my last milestone.

    best regards

    Featured Area

    Regular View

    General Overview of all Episodes

    Gallery of Episode Thumbnails in HD handled by the YouTube Thumbnail Catcher (YTC)

    Fullscreen Preview of the Gallery Image / Thumbnail

    Project is already live and has been updated with many features.

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