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  • Hey guys,

    I am developing a website with some dynamic content, but over 99% of it is static i.e. pages / posts etc. At the moment I use SSR mode and get all the content via GraphQL in serverPrefetch(). Well, it works fine for development, but it is an absolute overkill when going live.

    What I would like to have is to generate a pre-rendered site for a web server (e.g. nginx) to serve.

    The only solution I have so far is - fetch the site, save it in some json file and then have the quasar component read the content from that pre-fetched / save json file.

    Thanks in advance for your input.


  • You should look into this

    I was also looking stuck in a similar problem recently. I found this issue that might be relevant to you.

  • Just a silly remarks, I know it’s not the same but why not use Nginx proxy cache?

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