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  • What is his opinion about the Flutter? As it also targets multiple platforms and has web support in the near future.

  • Are there plans for theming support in Quasar? Like the IOS theme Quasar v0.x used to have.

  • @s-molinari sure, good idea!

    I want to ask about drag’n’drop support in Quasar components. It would be nice to have q-tree with drag and drop, or q-table with repositioned columns and rows, or q-list which could exchange items with other components.

  • From @qyloxe
    Are there plans for data access components, as for now, the q-table has its own data access model and events, q-tree its own etc. If there were a DataAccessor component, responsible for data retrieval from API etc, paging, querying, then all the other components (q-data, q-tree, q-list) could “subscribe” to this component and exchange date between. Such component could be optimized to work as web worker and be very, very fast with thousands of records/objects. So basically, what are plans about data-centric components in Quasar or data integration by Quasar?

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  • Do you see Quasar components been easily drag & droppable in other components? For example, D&D a QImg in a QCard, QForm, etc.

  • Is a QWhiteboard component could be a good addition to QEditor, for instance? For example to create content that is not some text: hand drawing, schemes, image composition, etc.

  • Do you see Quasar support app build around webRTC features, to get or send media stream? Beside basic webcam, pictures or microphone, I think of app like Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming (

  • Guys/ Gals, this isn’t a feature request thread. You can do that on Github. You might be able to pose a question, which might go in the direction of a feature. Like, "Do you see Quasar supporting webRTC in any way? What would be the reasons not to? (try to leave the question open and not one requiring a yes/no answer).

    Hope you can see the difference. Thanks.


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  • Does a roadmap for Quasar v2 / Vue 3 already exists ? and if yes, can you share it ?

  • Admin

    @metalsadman That covers QApp v2 but not Vue3. Just to clarify, QApp v2 is not synonymous with Vue3. QApp v.3 will cover that as it stands now. We couldn’t wait for Vue3 to get some QApp changes done so have pushed that forward with QApp v2.

  • i was pointing at razvan’s answer, i know it’s for qapp.

  • This post is deleted!

  • For the next major release, would you consider building Quasar in such a way, that we as developer can choose to use Material Design or Bootstrap as underlying framework?
    I raise this question, because many companies have invested into using Bootstrap and not Material Design, and because of that, they don’t consider using Quasar.

  • App Extensions - one of the most ingenious and powerful of all Quasar concepts. I want to ask what is your vision about their role in the future Quasar architecture? They’re great and they’re powerful, yet they’re quite cryptic and there are not too many of them. Do you want to let devs create them more? As for now, IMHO there is a confidence gap between their docs, usage and “marketing”, so average developer could have a problems to just trust AE subsystem and learn it and create something with it. There’s no confidence, that it is a recemmended “Quasar way” of thinking.
    Do you see them as a playground for wizards and when their toys mature, they should be incorporated into the Quasar core (icongenie) or rather as a system for Quasar openness and integration and also - very important - as a market (in business terms) for thousands of custom AE? If it is latter, maybe it would be a sign of confidence to just convert all existing quasar components into app extensions?

  • Vue 3 migration overview for Quasar users.

    As a sub-topic: Vue 3 will provide a migration plug-in, provided one uses the Vue CLI. What is Quasar recommendation to migrate the code?

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