importing components in standalone configuration not working..

  • Hello i am trying to import an exportFile component like this in a standalone quasar configuration on my existing project but it does not work…

    <script src="^2.0.0/dist/vue.min.js"></script>
    <script src=""></script>
    import { exportFile } from 'quasar';
    function wrapCsvValue (val, formatFn) {
      let formatted = formatFn !== void 0
        ? formatFn(val)
        : val
      formatted = formatted === void 0 || formatted === null
        ? ''
        : String(formatted)
      formatted = formatted.split('"').join('""')
       * Excel accepts \n and \r in strings, but some other CSV parsers do not
       * Uncomment the next two lines to escape new lines
      // .split('\n').join('\\n')
      // .split('\r').join('\\r')
      return `"${formatted}"`
    new Vue({
    el: '#q-app',
    data: function () {
    return { 
        loading: false,
        filter: "",
        arrData: [],

    Can somebody please advise the right way to do it as i could not find it in the docs…


  • i have now figured out you need to import like this Quasar.utils.exportFile

    import { exportFile } from Quasar.utils.exportFile;

    might help someone who have this issue…

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