Usage of q-page

  • I would like to know is it possible to use q-page directly within the MainLayout like this:

    <!-- vue file for Layout (e.g. MainLayout.vue) -->
          <router-view />

    I tried it and it works well. So for me it seems to be easier using it directly in MainLayout, because then q-page should be used automaticaly for every page. But has it any drawback?

  • yeah, since it’s a child of q-page-container.

  • Well, what if you need multiple elements in the same q-page? Cuz each component can only have one root element.

    I suppose you could wrap it in a div instead, but why not just make q-page the root element?

  • @walfin because you may want to declare the page and it’s properties once and not for every page.

    In the upcoming Vue3 you can have multiple root elements.

  • Thanks, thats what i wanted to know.
    @dobbel Yes, thats the case. I just want to declare it once and not in every single page.

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