Quasar CLI -modern Nullish coalescing operator throws error

  • Testing out the new modern flag for an Electron app build (Electron v9.0.0) and getting a build error.
    Unexpected token
    The error appears at areas of code using Nullish coalescing operator ??
    Removing the -modern flag and running Quasar dev -m electron then builds successfully.
    Is there something about the Nullish coalescing operator that is not modern or why does it throw an error?

  • Putting here what I added on Discord

    As you can see here, it was added to acorn 20 days ago in version 7.2.0
    But, look here:

    ├─┬ @quasar/app@1.9.1
    │ ├─┬ webpack@4.43.0
    │ │ └── acorn@6.4.1 
    │ └─┬ webpack-bundle-analyzer@3.8.0
    │   └── acorn@7.2.0 
    └─┬ eslint-plugin-vue@6.2.2
      └─┬ vue-eslint-parser@7.1.0
        └─┬ espree@6.2.1
          └── acorn@7.2.0  deduped

    Waiting on webpack to update to v7.2.0

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