@quasar/app v1.9.0 released! Lots of improvements and modern build option

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    New! Modern build type

    Modern mode is now available through “–modern” param or quasar.conf.js > build > modern: true.
    It was time for it since ES6 support across the modern browsers (Chrome, FF, Edge, Safari – to name a few) is excellent. If you plan on supporting only those browsers then this type of build is for you.

    More info in the docs. The high level idea is that with modern build the App CLI will:

    • not transpile code (no transpilation means no Babel) - ES6+, here I come
    • build is way faster
    • the distributables (the output code) is 10-15% smaller and its runtime speed is much faster than the legacy ES5 equivalent
    • best results will yield with Quasar v1.12+

    Other new features

    • feat(app): reworked how auto-import works (faster now)
    • feat(app): Display build summary of important files only
    • feat(app): Improve banners; rework the logger
    • perf(app): SSR - server manifest should not embed CSS when extractCSS is set
    • feat(app): add .wasm to default webpack > resolve.extensions
    • feat(app): tweaks to webpack chains
    • chore(app): rename SSR manifest filenames

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