Quasar v1.12.0 released! Lots of new features and improvements.

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    • LOTS of new possibilities with QTable and even more easier usage
    • performance improvements, especially for QParallax
    • preparations for modern mode (that will be introduced in “@quasar/app” v1.9)
    • ES6 equivalent files for the UMD version


    • feat(QCheckbox/QToggle): New prop -> toggle-order
    • perf(QParallax): start/stop based on screen visibility
    • feat(QTable): Ability to use “pagination” without sync modifier for the initial state; rowsPerPage is by default first from rowsPerPageOptions #7065
    • feat(QTable): include current rowsPerPage into rowsPerPageOptions if it’s not already there
    • feat(QTable): auto-infer columns when not supplying them #1058
    • feat(QTable): Pagination now has go to first/last pages buttons; new icon props (icon-first-page, icon-prev-page, etc); new methods: firstPage(), lastPage() #7075
    • feat(QTable): New props for bottom layer: hide-selected-banner, hide-no-data, hide-pagination #2075
    • feat(QPopupEdit): add show() and hide() methods #7085
    • feat(ui): make Quasar webfont icon sets independent of Material Icons if they can’t supply their own icons for some components
    • feat(ui): Modern mode assets for UMD #5899
    • feat(api): add top-level “addedIn” key support (#7105)
    • feat+fix(QSeparator): new prop (size); fixed use-cases where separator ended up with 0 height #5371
    • feat(QBtnDropdown): new Boolean prop - “no-icon-animation” #7111
    • feat(QTabs/QTab): New prop -> content-class #6995
    • feat(QEditor): easier to style when in “view source” mode (class “q-editor–source”, otherwise “q-editor–default”) #7103
    • feat(QForm): use “q-validation-component” class in custom components having validation #7112


    • fix(QSelect): on mobiles the focus must be moved to a not input element #7061, #7062 (#7063)
    • fix(QSelect): change the refocus target to the control container; make hasDialog reactive #7061, #7062 (#7068)
    • fix(QSelect): focus issues affect QMenu #7061 #7062 #7068
    • fix(Notify/api): Remove “required” from “message” prop
    • fix(lang): Allow set() method to work without any params #7108
    • fix(VirtualScroll): skip processing size of elements with .q-virtual-scroll–skip in before and after slots #7107 (#7114)
    • fix(Dialog/api): correct API file prop names (camelCase instead of kebab-case)

    Designer’s consideration

    The CSS classes for inset and “spaced” changed for QSeparator. Some examples:
    Before: .q-separator--inset.q-separator--horizontal After: q-separator--horizontal-inset
    Before: .q-separator--spaced.q-separator--vertical After: q-separator--vertical-spaced

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