Horizontal virtual scroll inside virtual scroll doesn't works fine

  • Describe the bug
    I’m trying to make a vertical list of rows, where each row is horizontal list.
    So I configured a vertical virtual scroll with :key=“idx” and put inside a horizontal virtual scroll with :key=“idy”.

    I have a double array of items heavySubCats[a][b].
    When I try to set items for horizontal list :items=“heavySubCats[idx]” (where idx is a key of a vertical list) - it doesn’t work, but if I’ll set a constant instead of the index :items=“heavySubCats[2]” - it works.

    Codepen/jsFiddle/Codesandbox (required)

    To Reproduce
    Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    Go to the jsfiddle link above, run - you will only see vertcal list titles
    In the HTML tab, line #28 replace
    or any other number instead of idx, run - you will see horizontal scroll list in each row

    Expected behavior
    I need to pass index of the row of vertical list to the horizontal list

    Guys, any ideas?

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