Best practice for an App for articles?

  • Hey guys,

    Again I am a bit lost in the world of JavaScript, frameworks, databases and co (seems I got stuck in the age of VB.NET, to be honest).

    I am working on an Android App based on Quasar. The App mainly deals with articles/news. These articles are stored in Google’s Firebase and retrieved via Vuex. So far, so good, that works fine.

    But now I am searching for a solution that is conventient for the authors/editors to write and publish new articles - i.e. a kind of CMS or application allowing for creating new articles and storing the content in Firebase, for instance.

    I’ve read something about a solution using Wordpress with a plugin (called Firebase PRO) to store content in Firebase. But this seems not to be my first choice.
    Scott suggested to also program the admin panel by myself.

    But I really wonder if there is no other ready-to-use solution to admin/edit content that is stored in Firebase? How would you guys adress this issue?

    Really appreciate any ideas 🙂


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