Cannot debug Android PWA on Linux with Chrome - network panel is blank

  • Hello,

    I’m building an Android PWA on my brand new Ubuntu 20 but Remote Debugging on Chrome has changed (and this doc link is now obsolete).

    Now there’s this new “chrome://inspect/#devices” interface but I cannot see the network activity. Almost all panels are empty. The network panel has no submenu. Even the console panel is completely blank.

    I’m using the command “quasar dev -m cordova -T android” (tried also quasar dev -m cordova -T android --debug).
    My Chrome version is 83.0.4103.61 64 bit.
    quasar-cli version is 1.8.6.

    Building the iOS version on Mac with Safari has no problem.

    Am I the only one facing this problem?


  • Ok, after some days of curses and desire to destroy my computer, it turned out the problem is the Android version of the AVD.
    26 doesn’t work but 27 and above do!

    Computer technology … love… hate… love…

  • welcome to dev world xD

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