Human-readable editor for JSON files?

  • Hey guys,

    JSON as a file format/database is widely established e.g. also when using VUEX.
    One question: Do anyone know an editor for JSON files that shows data in a way that is readable? So I thought of presenting data in form of a table, for instance, or making it easy editing specific entries?

    Background is: I am working on an Android App presenting articles (also via Firebase but also via some locally stores data). But I haven’t found a good tool that enables some authors to edit and write articles in a comfortable way.

    Any ideas for me?

    Thx a lot

  • Maybe a bit of overkill if you just want a Wysiwyg JSON editor but:

    You could also use Wordpress as a headless(without a site) CMS. You write your articles in wordpress and serve the articles as JSON with the Wordpress REST-API.

  • @dobbel Thank you for your ideas, I will take a closer look whether it would be overkill or a fine solution.

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