@quasar/app v1.8.7/8 released!

  • Admin

    Update: v1.8.8 temporarily downgrades TS version back to 3.8.3 until some issues are fixed


    • feat(app): PWA - workbox – Option to disable navigateFallback when using GenerateSW #7043
    • feat(app): “quasar info” should also display the TS version #4683
    • fix(app): avoid creating empty folder when “quasar clean” is used and distDir is set to something else #7014
    • Upgrade deps: @types/webpack@4.41.13, chokidar@3.4.0, compression-webpack-plugin@4.0.0, node-sass@4.14.1, open@7.0.4, terser-webpack-plugin@3.0.1, ts-loader@7.0.4, typescript@3.9.3, vue-loader@15.9.2, vuex@3.4.0, webpack-dev-server@3.11.0, autoprefixer@9.8.0, fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin@4.1.4, vue-router@3.2.0, webpack-bundle-analyzer@3.8.0

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