can't access i18n translation inside vuex state.js file

  • I have a menu that I would like to store in vuex (rather than in the top level component). This menu has titles that are translated using vue-i18n. Inside the component, everything works great, but when I move my menu to my vuex store (inside state.js), my app refuses to load and I get errors that are all similar to:

    state.js?6b3c:16 Uncaught TypeError: src_boot_i18n__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_0__.default.t is not a function

    my state.js file looks like this (and variations of it):

    // state.js
    import i18n from 'src/boot/i18n'
    export default {
      storeVersion: '1',
      version: {
        version: 0,
        date: 0,
        PWA: 0
      menu: [
          active: 'dashboard',
          main: [
              id: 'dashboard',
              parent: null,
              title: this.$i18n.t('dashboard'),
              subtitle: this.$i18n.t('dashboardSub'),
              url: '/dashboard'
            }, // etc, etc

    I have tried replacing translatable strings like this.$i18n.t('dashboard') with:


    and so on, but I keep getting variations on the error above telling me that t (or tc, or whatever) is not a function. Any idea if this is even possible to do? vue-i18n is installed and working flawlessly in all of my components, I just wanted to move this one global menu item to the store, but it seems I am missing something fundamental. Any advice appreciated. Thanks!

  • What does your boot file look like ?


  • Here is my boot file:

    import VueI18n from 'vue-i18n'
    import messages from 'src/i18n'
    let i18n
    export default ({ app, Vue }) => {
      // Set i18n instance on app
      app.i18n = new VueI18n({
        locale: 'en-gb',
        fallbackLocale: 'en-gb',
        silentFallbackWarn: true,
        silentTranslationWarn: true,
        // enableInSFC: true,
      i18n = app.i18n
    export { i18n }

  • Sorry, but I’m not certain what is wrong. It should work.


  • Thanks for taking a look anyway, I appreciate it.

  • Interestingly, (and although it does not throw an error) when I console.log(i18n) I get undefined

  • And if I try to use const i18n = require('src/boot/i18n') instead of import, console.log(i18n) gives me:

    Module {__esModule: true, Symbol(Symbol.toStringTag): "Module", default: ƒ}
    default: ƒ (_ref)
    arguments: [Exception: TypeError: 'caller', 'callee', and 'arguments' properties may not be accessed on strict mode functions or the arguments objects for calls to them at Function.invokeGetter (<anonymous>:1:142)]
    caller: [Exception: TypeError: 'caller', 'callee', and 'arguments' properties may not be accessed on strict mode functions or the arguments objects for calls to them at Function.invokeGetter (<anonymous>:1:142)]
    length: 1
    name: ""
    constructor: ƒ (_ref)
    __proto__: Object
    __proto__: ƒ ()
    [[FunctionLocation]]: i18n.js?8847:6
    [[Scopes]]: Scopes[3]
    i18n: (...)
    Symbol(Symbol.toStringTag): "Module"
    __esModule: true
    get i18n: ƒ ()
    __proto__: Object

  • Aren’t the boot files supposed to be loaded before anything else? It feels like i18n is not being loaded in time and that is why it comes back undefined?

  • @ssuess your import seems to be wrong, should be with curly braces import { i18n } from 'src/boot/i18n'.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @metalsadman Thanks, I already tried it both ways, made no difference alas.

  • I think the problem is that the store is initialized before boot files, which is quite logical since boot files can access the store.

    So, a solution may be to defer translations. You may use a getter for that, with a map on your menu array that will replace fields by their translation.

  • Hmm you arr using this in your state. Remove thatt as well.

  • @metalsadman definitely not that, see above for all the variations I have tried.

  • @tof06 this sounds logical to me, do you have any example code you could point me to? Where exactly would this code go? in the state.js file or somewhere else?

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