Stop Electron-Builder from updating ?

  • I have an issue, trying to build project in electron. I google a bit, and seems like there is a issue with newer versions of electron-builder.
    I did downgrade it, but everytime I run quasar build -m electron, it updates my electron-builder. How to stop that ?

     app:extension Running "@quasar/dotenv" Quasar App Extension... +0ms
     app:quasar-conf Reading quasar.conf.js +9ms
     app:quasar-conf Extension(@quasar/dotenv): Extending quasar.conf... +19ms
     app:electron-bundle Installing required Electron bundler (electron-builder)... +8ms
     app:spawn [sync] Running "npm install --save-dev electron-builder@^22.4.0" +1ms

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