Configuration and Dependencies of GUI Components and Behaviour

  • I am trying to find out if Quasar does provide anything that helps me to configure application components and their dependencies - this is a little bit hard to search for because this is not about npm deps or webpack configuration - that is what I find lots of discussions about when searching for these terms, but I am interested in configurable applications and how to create apps from configuration files.

    A classical, minimal example is the “dependent dropdown form” - content of a dropdown that changes when a click box is checked or some other form element is changed. Of course this can be extended to several app components and if you start thinking about it you will see that many parts of an app behave in dependency to each other.

    Now VueJS does deliver some parts or the puzzle that can help with this, like reactivity and Vuex for state management - however, I still can not find any best practice or recommended method to put these pieces together. There are several projects built by individuals that demonstrate the potential that can be found in combining e.g. JSON-Schema with a form generator - but again, these are not parts of any “official” framework, just individual code examples.

    Quasar seems to be a “batteries included” kind of toolbox so I was expecting to find something that helps me with configuration and dependent application states - e.g. I would expect a global visibility infrastructure that would be very helpful for conditional rendering of components, or something that would make it easier to not reinvent application-wide configurabilty - I can not see that. Maybe I have overseen it?

    How do you handle these kind of things?

    One slightly advanced example would be a configuration dialog that allows to set details for several app components - this wheel of course can be invented by every individual developer, but I would expect a framework to provide something that helps with this.

    Does Quasar provide some kind of framework infrastructure or is it “just” a (very good!) collection of visual components?

    Thank you very mich for your attention!

  • It’s just a collection of components, a set of plugins, a set of directives and an awesome CLI to build your app to a whole slew of platform choices. What you are looking for are advanced components, which would be added to your project via app extensions. And, we are hoping to, at some point, have a kind of “market” where pre-built app extensions (from the quasar community) can be offered for the rest of the Quasar community to use. It’s still a ways off though.

    Until then, you can see the app extensions we currently offer made by the team. You can also search NPM for more AEs.


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