QTable Clicking an action button on clickable row

  • Hi, I have a problem on qtable component. I made table rows clickable by @row-click event. That’s works fine but I have some action buttons cell on my table and when I click any action button, first @row-click event triggered… I need to give an exception acitons body cell… How can I do that? Thank you…

  • Try with one of the event modifiers stop or prevent.

  • @metalsadman thanks for your answer… I tried, at that time it seems like rows are not clickable and when I prevent click affect I call a function to navigate and this fucntion works again by clicking action buttons. Actually it must be like checkbox cells at rows… I can click check boxes without problem.

  • I solved with following method… All clicks comes from TD element when used @row-click event except my action buttons.

              <q-table :data="listProjects(this.$route.params.id)" :columns="columns" row-key="id" @row-click="rowClicker" selection="multiple" :selected.sync="selectedItems">
    rowClicker (e, row) {
          if (e.target.nodeName === 'TD') {
            this.$router.push('project/parts/' + row.id)

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