Quasar input outlined is not outlined and run out of contener

  • I’m not sure but it looks like some quasar styles won’t work. Especially I have big problem with q-input. It’s looks really bad, no border, no alignment. And run out of contener

    Maybe someone had similar problem? I’m not sure but maybe q-page or q-layout are importeand for appropriate working of some styles? I’ts not quasar cli unfortuantelly, it’s add as vue plugin.

    Maybe someone can help.

  • Sounds like something went wrong with the css. QPage or QLayout don’t affect styling. Did you just install the plugin? Or have you been using it for a while?


  • hi s.molinari, thank you very much for your answer.

    I just using it for a while, but unfortuntelly I was’t resposible for install it. And I don’t have contact to person who did it.

  • If it is vanilla Quasar being used (i.e. no component wrapping or changing of CSS in your components), then try removing and reinstalling the plugin.

    If that doesn’t work, I would be at a loss myself on how to troubleshoot further.


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