q-markdown images location

  • I am using q-markdown to create a user guide.

    When adding images this way:

    ![Main Page](../assets/screenshots/mainpage.jpg)

    I get this error:
    mainpage.jpg:1 GET http://localhost:8080/assets/screenshots/mainpage.jpg 404 (Not Found)

    But when I move it to statics folder, it works:

    ![Main Page](../statics/screenshots/mainpage.jpg)

    From this page (https://forum.quasar-framework.org/topic/4277/problem-assets-resources-404-not-found/8), I understand:

    • assets folder is managed by webpack so it ‘bundles’ the images
    • statics is just directly copied
      But is this also applicable when I am just running the app directly and not the packaged app?

    Also, if that is the case, why is this working if I am calling this outside the markdown file?
    <img src="../assets/screenshots/mainpage.jpg" width="200"><br/>

    So… Is there any other way to import images without having to put them in the statics folder? I have a different folder structure and prefer NOT to put my images in the statics folder.

    Help please!

  • @keechan Hmmm, I usually put my images in the statics folder, because I don’t need them managed (versioned and loaded by webpack as a resource).

    You can add this as an issue where I will get around to testing it.

    On a side note, why would you not want your images in statics?

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