Problem con boot and acls

  • Hello

    I am implementing vue-acl ( in a project:

    I have built a boot:

    import Vue from 'vue'
    import { AclInstaller, AclCreate, AclRule } from 'vue-acl'
    export default async ({ router, Vue, store }) => {
      const myAcls = new AclCreate({
        initial: 'deny',
        notfound: {
          path: '/error',
          forwardQueryParams: true
        acceptLocalRules: true,
        globalRules: {
          isSuperAdmin: new AclRule('superadmin').generate(),
          isAdmin: new AclRule('administrador').generate(),
          isGestor: new AclRule('gestor').generate(),
          isMiembro: new AclRule('miembro').generate(),
          isPublic: new AclRule('public').generate(),
          isDeny: new AclRule('deny').generate()
        middleware: async acl => {
      console.log('Arrancando las acl')
      return myAcls

    and I need to access to this.$acl for permission update, but, $acl is not available from the store.


    some idea, Thanks
    Sorry for my english

  • Is your boot declared in quasar.conf.js?

  • Yep

    boot: [
    ‘acls’ <------

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