Dumb question - installing @quasar/cli is separate from quasar, right?

  • Hey guys, when I look at the release notes (https://quasar.dev/start/release-notes) I see that it has been a while since I update my environment (last September). I see there are a lot of breaking changes along the way, some of which definitely apply to my applications based on what I see in the notes.

    I would like to update in steps. I understand the npm/yarn commands to do so, but I’m not 100% sure which items (the tabs on the release note page) come automatically with which install commands.

    Do ONLY the @quasar/cli and @quasar/app packages get installed when I install the former? Or will quasar or the other two get updated too.

    Can I have the latest CLI, but update quasar in steps, or does a version of CLI depend on or bring over anything else? I have checked the install and upgrade docs but this particular question isn’t explicitly stated. I believe it is implied, though. I just want to be sure.

    Sorry if this has been asked and answered. I did search first.

  • What version of Quasar are you on currently?


  • 1.1.5.

    I did go ahead and try and update the other three things: app, cli and extras to the latest versions, and it all seems OK so far. I did have to wipe out my node_modules folder, but no big deal. Now I guess I need to decide which quasar versions to jump to and how many jumps to make.

  • In theory, all you need to do is quasar upgrade -i, and the CLI will do all the upgrading for you. Not sure why you care about the versions and the jump. Quasar is purposely updated to not include breaking changes in its minor versions, as it should be. There might be the one odd thing here or there. But they are minor.


  • Indeed the breaking changes are minor, but, for example, I did rely on __index in tables all over the place, so I will need to touch a lot of code since that has gone away. I did identify two other things that will break my code, but I don’t remember what. I was worried there will be additional things. But maybe there aren’t and I will just move ahead next week anyway without small jumps. Thanks for the reassurance.

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