Quasar v1.9 - firebase cloud messaging

  • hi all, i’m try to integrate web cloud messaging in quasar app.
    i follow some procedures online and this is the step i do :

    STEP 1 WORK!
    Create boot file with i import firebase , firestore etc,
    Inizialize firebase
    export variabiles

    i create a vuex store file where i get token from firebase and it work (chrome ask me correctly the permission for notification)
    i create a file name firebase-messaging-sw.js and in quasar conf with webpack plugin > cfg.plugins.push(new CopyWebpackPlugin([{ from: ‘src/firebaseTools/’, to: ‘’ }]));

    i see the service worker running in chrome application tab but when i try to send a notify form firebase not arrive.

    help me plz!

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