Quasar project use Epson ePOS SDK for JavaScript to print!

  • Hi, I’m trying to use the Epson ePOS SDK for JavaScript for my Quasar project;
    the SDK is an IIFE, something like jQuary and expose an object of epson to browser’s window

    (function(window, undefined) { 
    if (!window.epson) {
        window.epson = {};
      window.epson.ePOSDevice = ePOSDevice;
      window.epson.ePOSDeviceConfiguration = ePOSDeviceConfiguration;

    in the browser, the Epson manual says to use it in a HTML script tag:

    Scripts are embedded into Web pages using HTML <script> tags.
    Embedding Example
    <script type="text/javascript" src="epos-2.14.0.js"></script>

    My question is how to use this SDK in the Quasar project ?

  • You can add the script through Meta plugin https://quasar.dev/quasar-plugins/meta

    Then, I would do a boot file ton inject something like $printer into the app

    export default async ({ Vue }) => {
        computed: {
          $printer () { 
               return {
                   ePOSDevice: ePOSDevice,
                   ePOSDeviceConfiguration: ePOSDeviceConfiguration

    Then in any vue component, you’ll able to access it like “this.$printer”

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